How to manage underperformance 6.15 mins

How to manage underperformance.

This is an informal review discussion, conducted in a direct coaching style, showing great results.

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Polly knows her job inside out but shies away from performance managing her team. It’s up to her manager to find out the cause, rather than just bowling in with criticism, and then get Polly to see for herself that the situation needs changing, and how to do it.

For all those managers who can clearly see something is wrong with an employee’s performance but need to get the employee to also see what is wrong. And then agree a way forward.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8605-405 Developing People In The Workplace
8600-323 Understanding Performance Management
8600-312 Understanding Conflict Management

Excellent for:

  • Performance management
  • Any manager
  • Use in training courses or coaching
  • Watch just in time
  • Downloadable guide