How to manage survivors after redundancies 5.25 mins

6 steps to manage survivors after redundancies.

A useful video to help managers support the survivors and also pulse check their own behaviour.

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The employee  is a survivor after a round of redundancies but her performance has dipped. The manager is going to talk to her about it but it turns out the she is stressed and under pressure. This scenario goes rapidly downhill after a bad start but then we see how to handle the situation in a better way.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8607-504 Leading Innovation and Change
8605-417 Managing And Implementing Change
8600-302 Planning Change In The Workplace
8600-301 Understanding Innovation and Change
8001-259 Understanding Change

Excellent for:

  • Handling redundancies
  • Any manager
  • Use in training courses or coaching
  • Watch just in time
  • Downloadable guide