How to deliver negative feedback 6.25 mins

What every manager ought to know about giving feedback.

Forget the "good news sandwich" , use the wide frame approach instead.

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How NOT to give feedback; this boss has made up his mind what the problem is and what the solution should be, so is giving feedback in a “narrow frame”. The result is that the recipients are immediately defensive. The downloadable e-book explains how he should have approached it and the unconscious mistakes we make as managers.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8605-400 Understanding The Management Role
8600-323 Understanding Performance Management
8600-326 Understanding The Communication Process
8001-254 Induction And Coaching
8001-274 Methods Of Communicating

Excellent for:

  • Constructive feedback
  • Any manager
  • Use in training courses or coaching
  • Watch just in time
  • Downloadable guide