How to get to the cause of negative behaviour 3.45 mins

What every manager needs to know BEFORE giving feedback.

It pays to get to the root cause of a problem before telling an employee where they are going wrong.

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All to often as managers we deal with the effects of a problem and don’t get to the bottom of the cause. This employee feels that others are to blame for not having info or tasks ready on time, and her reactions to that cause interpersonal problems. However the real cause of the problem is the way the work is set up; this is about the push and pull of information.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8607-530 Understanding the skills, principles and practice of effective management coaching and mentoring
8605-405 Developing People In The Workplace
8600-323 Understanding Performance Management
8600-312 Understanding Conflict Management
8600-317 Understanding Training And Coaching
8600-339 Understanding Good Practice In Workplace Coaching
8580-500 Understanding The Skills, Principles, Practice Of Effective Management Coaching And Mentoring
8577-300 Understanding Good Practice In Workplace Coaching

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