How to be more assertive 3.39 mins

10 steps to be more assertive.

What aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour looks and sounds like.

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Have a look at these different ways of behaving. Do you recognise your own style? What impact would the different styles have on other people?

The e-book describes 10 steps to be assertive.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8605-400 Understanding The Management Role
8605-408 Management Communication
8600-323 Understanding Performance Management
8600-326 Understanding The Communication Process
8001-250 Developing Yourself As A Team Leader
8001-274 Methods Of Communicating
8001-265 Workplace Communication

Excellent for:

  • Interpersonal styles
  • Any manager
  • Use in training courses or coaching
  • Watch just in time
  • Downloadable guide