How to agree performance objectives (part 2) 5.03 mins

How to agree performance objectives.

This is the second video in how to conduct a performance review; specifically how to agree challenging behavioural objectives.

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Both manager and employee have agreed one objective in the first video (part 1) to start to address the employee’s lack of team working but now he needs objectives to meet a department goal of productivity and another on personal development.

The e-book describes how to agree performance objectives.

Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8607-505 Managing Individual Development
8607-519 Developing and Leading Teams To Achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives
8605-405 Developing People In The Workplace
8600-323 Understanding Performance Management

Excellent for:

  • Performance reviews, agreeing objectives
  • Any manager
  • Use in training courses or coaching
  • Watch just in time
  • Downloadable guide