Untrained managers: threat or opportunity?

FrustratedOnly 57% of employers have a plan in place to ensure they have a pool of leaders and managers that are suitably skilled to fill future vacancies and  only 18% of employers expect managers to have received training before being appointed to a new role. (According to recent research by the ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management.)

So what’s going on out there? Isn’t it just a bit unfair to expect people to be able to deliver as managers without giving them some training? Is it because it costs money? Or time?

Take Isla; bright, creative, good at her job. Promoted, naturally, to run the team except like so many before her no one thought to give her the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the whole systematic process of managing a team. Yes she got some great coaching from the boss, but only on specific issues after they had become a problem. “She just can’t see the bigger picture” he said to me. She was bogged down in the comfort of the day to day detail she felt at home with,  the team were running rings round her and the boss was regretting the promotion, as well as having to take too much time out of the day to support her.

Two days ( just two days! ) later she had some practical, systematic approaches in her toolbox; from defining the vision and goals through to a simple communication structure. It was all obvious to her, once someone had explained it. Result: more effective team, motivated Isla, relieved boss and so much time and frustration saved.

Take Philip; a few years in the role, yes a few years and no training, avoiding conflict so abdicating team management completely. Anarchy had stepped in. Again some simple training, and quite a bit of direct talking it has to be said, and it was like a light had been switched on.

#Here’s the thing; spend the money / make the time for training!!! A short course with practical advice and holistic view on management plus some support back at the ranch from the boss, and so much time, energy and angst can be saved.

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