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Videos:          Just £75 plus VAT per download video

Put the video you want in your basket, pay, and then we send you a link to download. Or tick the box for us to invoice you.

e-learning:    Just £25 plus VAT per learner per course

Buy one course now or, if you are buying for your organisation, simply calculate the number of learners and courses you think you will need in the year ahead and add the credits to your basket, or ask us to invoice you if you prefer. Then allocate the courses to learners when you need to; some now, some later. If you run out of credits just buy more when you are ready.


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Difficult conversations made easy with 20 HD short videos to use in training sessions or for your managers to view just before those difficult conversations. Each one comes with an e-booklet including checklist.

We’ll even let you view in full before you buy; just request a demo password on the home page.

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Purchase E-learning Modules

Calculate how many you think you might need and add to your basket. You don’t even have to decide now exactly which courses you will allocate to people. In your own time.

Credits (E-Learning)

Only: £25.00

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