Why eltalking?

The simple answer to this question is that we have been managing people and developing managers for more years than we care to mention so we understand the challenges.

Judith Web 001

Judith Elliott (our founder) has managed large teams and trained a host of managers for more than 20 years. Before setting up a leadership and management training company she was an experienced manager with John Lewis so she has integrity, commercial awareness and great people skills. A pretty good combination we think.

Plus she is a Fellow of the CIPD (Chartered FCIPD) so she can wear two hats: HR and Management. No one is sure if she is a poacher turned gamekeeper or the other way round. It depends on your viewpoint.

She is pragmatic and very good at helping people become better managers, building confidence and looking at different approaches. “You have taught me a lot about true management and I’m excited at the prospect of putting it into practice.  I learned a lot, and more about myself which was and will be extremely helpful.” Robert Watson, University of Cambridge

So where did eltalking come from?

“It’s not about doing new things, it’s about doing the same things, differently.”

We came to realise that too many e-learning resources for managers were developed and priced to appeal to large companies only; too expensive and they required customers to have their own LMS.  This made the majority of online management training tools inaccessible to smaller businesses on the grounds of cost and platform.

eltalking sets out to change the rules.  In fact we’re throwing them out by making our toolbox flexible and affordable enough to be accessible to all.

As managers, trainers and coaches, we know what the market needs and we will be expanding our library of management resources on an ongoing basis. We have already curated an exciting range for SMEs; video based and interactive, a modern take on the old fashioned e-learning of the past.

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