The return to work interview

How to conduct a return to work interview

In terms of absence from work it is in your interest, and also in your employees’ interest, that you know your responsibilities within the framework of the law. What exactly can you require of employees and what exactly can you ask them? This short elearning video course will give you the confidence to handle a Return To Work Interview in the most effective, and legally compliant, way.

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How it works?

Fair for the employee, and fair for everyone in the team.


Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8600-314 Understanding Discipline In The Workplace

Excellent for:

  • Identify good practice in managing attendance
  • Clarify how to prepare for, and conduct, the return to work interview effectively
  • Identify the common contents of an absence policy as advised by ACAS
  • Prepare for the next return to work interview

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