Licensing Law Awareness

Suitable for anyone working within retail organisations that serve alcohol to the public, who need to be aware of their responsibilities and legal requirements.

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How it works?

The licensing act
Alcohol-related deaths in the UK
Navigating the course
The course tutor and glossary
Why have licensing laws?
The licensing acts
Objectives of the acts
Scope of the licensing act
Check your knowledge
Retailers and the licensing law
Types of licenses required
Enforcing the licensing laws
Who is responsible for selling alcohol on your premises?
Consequences for breaking the law
Check your knowledge

Responsible alcohol retailing
Responsible alcohol retailing
Responsible sale of alcohol
Refusing a sale
Dealing with problems
Several key community schemes
General guidelines for responsible retailing
Portman group code of practice
Rules for advertising
Knowledge check
Sources of conflict and crime

Personal Responsibilities
Alcohol-related offences
Your personal legal responsibility
Who would you serve?
Entering premises

The protection of children
Do you know?
Consequences of the sale of alcohol to children
Regulations regarding the sale of alcohol to children
Prosecution and defence
Establishing a person’s age
Check your knowledge
Age-related policies and notifications
Acceptable forms of ID
How to spot a fake ID
Fake Ids
Test purchasing
Other restricted items
Guidelines for refusing to serve
Check your knowledge

The effects of alcohol
Alcohol-related deaths
What is an alcoholic drink?
Measuring common alcoholic drinks by volume
Measuring common alcoholic drinks by units
Effects of drinking alcohol
Driving under the influence
Knowledge check

Excellent for:

  • The Licensing Law Act (2003).
  • Personal responsibilities when serving alcohol.
  • Alcohol and its effects.
  • Underage drinking.
  • Drug awareness.
  • Preventing trouble.
  • Dealing with confrontational incidents.

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