Level 2 – Health & Safety for Hospitality

This course is ideal for anyone with responsibility for any aspect of health and safety within the mainstream hospitality sector such as hotels, restaurants, retail and leisure venues.
The course provides a thorough overview of key legislation, safety management processes, risk assessment and prevention.

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How it works?

Duty manager’s office

Welcome to the hotel
Introduction to health and safety
Workplace accidents
Common accidents and illnesses
Factors affecting health and safety
Costs and benefits
Hazards and risks
Risk assessment


Manual handling
Porter problems
Possible injuries
Suited to the job?
Manual handling operations regulations
Making life easier
Doing it right
Is the environment OK?

Our opinion and summary

Health and safety law
Who is responsible?
Responsibilities at work
What’s covered by the law?
Health and safety inspectors
Putting things right

Introducing health
Hotel health hazards
Specialised risk assessment


Beauty salon

Dangerous substances
A day in the salon
Hazardous substances
Assessing the risk
Preventing exposure
Training and authorisation
Safe working procedures
Hazards and controls

Our opinion and summary


Fire safety
A dangerous place
Fire: common causes
Dangers of fire
Elements of a fire
Fighting a fire
Use of extinguishers and fire blankets
Fire safety features

Electrical safety
What if…?
Avoiding accidents
Electrical equipment safety

Our opinion and summary

Lounge bar

Alcohol and drugs
Smoking, alcohol and drugs

Violence and aggression
Causes of aggression
Mila steps in
Verbal aggression
Reducing violence

Occupational health
Slips and trips – how would you respond?
Possible problems
Prevention methods

Reporting an accident
Finding the cause
What to report?
The importance of reporting

Hotel grounds/parking area

Premises related problems
The grounds
Safety features
Structural safety features
Heating and cooling
Control measures for heating
John’s office

Keeping the workplace safe
What’s going on?
Special environments
Safety signs

Dangers of the equipment used
Using equipment
Importance of information
The gardener’s van
Appropriate equipment
Making a selection
PPE qualities
Dress the gardener
Cutting the hedge
Making the environment safe

First aid
A helping hand
Appointed person/first aider
First aid box

Our opinion and summary

Vehicle and pedestrian dangers

Dangerous driving
Making a delivery
Delivery breakdown
Running for cover
Environmental changes

Excessive sound levels
What is noise?
Control measures
Noise control
Risk assessment

Our opinion and summary


Ergonomics and workstation design
Aches and pains
Possible injuries
Rethinking and workspace3
Identifying issues
Workstation design

Welfare facilities

Working at height
Tasks at height
Choosing the risk equipment
Risk factors

Our opinion and summary

CCTV security room

Making safety work
Risk assessment
Carrying out risk assessments

Check your understand 1

Check your understand 2

End of course summary

Excellent for:

  • Legislation.
  • Health.
  • Safety.
  • Welfare.
  • The workplace and workplace equipment.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Hazardous substances.
  • Ergonomics and workstation design.
  • Transport and vehicles.
  • Noise and vibration.

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