Introduction to First Aid

Suitable for a variety of candidates, this course provides students with the skills and knowledge to deal with first-aid situations in low-risk work environments such as shops and offices.

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How it works?

Introduction to First Aid
Definition of first aid
Importance of first aid
Employee and employer obligations
First aider’s role
Reporting first-aid incidents
Incident report
What you have learned?

First at the scene
Scene survey
Primary survey of casualty
Calling for help
Giving the correct information
What you have learned?

First aid equipment
First aid kit
Renewal of first aid equipment
Minimising the risk of infection
Routes of entry
How to wash your hands
Other measures to minimise infection
What you have learned?

Treating minor injuries
Treating minor injuries
Small cuts, grazes and bruises
Minor burns or scalds
Small splinters
What you have learned?

Excellent for:

  • Introduction to first aid.
  • First aid equipment.
  • First at a scene.
  • Fire prevention measures.
  • Unconscious casualties.
  • First aid incidents.
  • Treating minor injuries.

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