Interpersonal communication styles

How to be more assertive

This elearning video course will help you review your own interpersonal communication style and pick up assertive techniques to make your communication with others effective. The course includes a film clip to see and hear how not, and how, to sound and another video on how to receive feedback.

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Mapping to ILM Leadership and Management and Coaching Units levels 2-5

8605-400 Understanding The Management Role
8605 408 Management Communication
8600-309 Understand How To Establish An Effective Team
8600-326 Understanding The Communication Process
8001-250 Developing Yourself As A Team Leader
8001-274 Methods Of Communicating
8001-265 Workplace Communication

Excellent for:

  • Review the different communication styles
  • Identify the benefits of assertive communication
  • Tips and techniques on how to handle some tricky situations
  • How to receive criticism constructively

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