Does your HR strategy add value to the business?

Download the strategic HR questions to assess how well your strategy aligns with the business strategy. Portfolio HR Director Judith Elliott

Growing companies often get caught in the hiring and firing cycle with no resource for an HR Director. “Let’s wait until we are big enough.” The risks are that good candidates are missed or people problems start to arise, which take up valuable management time.

There is also the perception that HR is inflexible and bureaucratic. In fact modern HR is all about athletic ways of attracting, developing and communicating with employees. If you can’t afford the highest salaries for example we have to get creative.

Strategic HR done well should be dynamic, aligning HR strategy with business strategy and creating the ultimate trio of FD, MD and HRD. No business will succeed if the people aren’t capable and engaged but it takes experience to drive the people agenda.

Judith will work in the trio, and with your current HR manager, to build a strategy fit for your stage of growth. “Strategy” does not mean bureaucratic procedures; far from it – skinny is best.

Growing pains come at every stage of development but experience shows that a good plan, which is all that an HR strategy really is, will overcome obstacles and head problems off at the pass. The plan would encompass the entire employee lifecycle.

The good news is that once you have an effective HR strategy you can operate with a less experienced HR Manager until you reached the phase that requires board level HR expertise. An experienced HR Director is a big step, at over £80k, so it makes sense to access senior level expertise on a flexible part time basis as the strategy is built and implemented.

Alternatively use a Portfolio HRD to mentor your current HR Manager if you think that they have the potential to step up.

A Cambridge Example: Judith worked with when it was a Cambridge start up (Active Hotels) developing a focus on attracting talent, succession planning and a simple review process taking them to the next stage pre merger with Booking.

Who is this for?

Companies at any stage of growth looking to plan their approach to HR; strategy and culture, attracting talent, engaging employees, leadership and building capability.

Judith Elliott FCIPD

Judith has board level HR experience and has worked with high growth companies, stable and small, and those with global reach.

Previous clients include Cambridge Live, IdeaSpace, Bosch UK and Medway NHS Trust. She coaches at director level and mentors aspiring HR managers.



Call Judith on 07766 753930 or email to discuss how she could add value to your business.

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