How To Coach To Change Behaviour – 6 great questions to use

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As managers we sometimes have very good employees, with great knowledge and skills, who just rub everyone else up the wrong way; or choose the wrong place or time to say things; or say the wrong things to the wrong people.

In this guide we will give you 6  great questions to use in coaching them to improve.


  • The unconscious mistake that managers make
  • How to coach to change behaviour  – 6 great questions to use
  • Other useful resources

The unconscious mistakes that managers make

1. We tell this person directly to stop.

Result: Does not get them to see the effects of the behaviour and therefore no lasting change…..and  probably resentment.

2. Send them on a course.

Result: Well it’s just chance that they will see the relevance of the course to them so a 50/50 chance of change.

6 great questions to use

Prepare an agenda with wide, open, questions. Remember you are looking to establish the cause not just the effect of their behaviour.

Don’t give up too early and just tell them what YOU think. Tenacity and patience works.

1 What do you find is the best way to….get lasting improvements?

This flushes out beliefs and behaviours.

2 When you do this how do people feel?

Maybe this is the first time they have thought about other people’s feelings.

3 How do people react when you….?
4 And does this approach work?
5 How could you approach this differently?
6 What options are there?

What could you do? What will you do?

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 Other Useful Resources

In our video How To Coach To Change Behaviour you will see the employee is far too direct and inclined to point others’ mistakes in public. Maybe other people do make mistakes but Kaysha’s approach just gets everybody’s backs up. The manager knows full well that her approach is not working and it would be easy for him to plough in and say so. But that is exactly what Kaysha is doing, and that’s plainly not working!

In our elearning module Changing Difficult Behaviour coach-change-behaviour-6-great-questions-use we look at two different problem areas in behaviour and combine videos with some interactive exercises to give more depth in helping you structure effective discussions.

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