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Charles Handy once said: “Organisations are as different and as varied as the nations and societies of the world. They have differing cultures – sets of values and norms and beliefs – reflected in different structures and systems. And the cultures are affected by events of the past and climates of the present.”

This is something I touched on at a Boost your Business workshop in Huntingdon, focusing on what is essential in growing a team, successfully. We all have a brand, (well I hope your business does and if it doesn’t, start now!) but how powerful is it?  Why is employer branding important? What personality traits make up your brand identity?

Your team is your brand; the way they work, what they believe, the vision and values all make up the overall culture of the business and if you get this right, you can build a positive and professional reputation.  Your sales team, marketing team, finance team – all the team – should understand the overall mission of the business, in synergy, with the cultural values shared between all departments.

The business brand and value proposition is vital in attracting the right employees and from the website, job description and interview process, a candidate will grasp an understanding of your brand identity, so remember, first impressions always count!

If first impressions count, then retaining talent is equally important.  Don’t just promote what you perceive as the ‘ideal’ image, develop this consistently throughout the company and promote what you preach within the business, as well as outside.

So what characteristics make up a business brand?  Take the University of Cambridge for example, built on history and prestige, they are traditional, very structured in hierarchy and little has changed over the years.  Whereas Google is a young, vibrant organisation known for their fun, interactive work environment where each Googler is an integral part of the overall success, allowing for an open forum.

Imagine a delegation of Martians has just landed in your organisation and they do not understand any earth languages – only graphic symbols.  Prepare a short speech composed of graphic symbols to welcome them and tell them what kind of place your organisation is and then share with your team and combine ideas on what really is your business brand.

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