50% Funding for Leadership and Management Development

This funding is a substantial help towards leadership development in SMEs. It is relatively straightforward to access and the shape of the development solution can be tailored to a company’s needs, with a blend of development interventions or a straightforward development programme. Some of our clients, for example, are going for a mix of external courses and one to one training or an accredited leadership development programme with the ILM. Carey Pensions UK are a prime example of a rapidly growing company with a real desire to prepare the management team for the next stage of growth; they have opted for a Certificate in Leadership and Management but with carefully selected units to meet their needs and  a 360 review of leadership skills. They already have a very capable management team; the support is to get them to the next level of thinking and doing as quickly as possible…and it’s already working.

The funding is 50% up to £2,000 per person in the senior management team so a significant amount. Please do call us to clarify eligibility and find out more on 01638 745474 or email judith@elconsulting.co.uk.


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The funding is available via the Growth Accelerator programme, the premier service that helps ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth. www.growthaccelerator.com

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