The People Management Toolbox

At eltalking we make difficult conversations easy. Drawing on our own experience as managers, we have developed a toolbox of digital learning resources:  e-learning modules, videos and e-book checklists that show how to handle difficult conversations.  Our people management toolbox is designed and priced to fill a gap in the market for soft skills resources that are easily affordable.  We also have a curated range of compliance based e-learning suitable for new starters and refreshers….a complete toolbox ready to go.

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Training Videos

  • Download for only £75 +VAT
  • Upload to your LMS or any device

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Our bite-sized, just-in-time videos show how to handle difficult conversations.  Each video comes with an e-book that includes a checklist.



E-learning Modules

  • One course for just £25 + VAT
  • Full tracking and reporting

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Our e-learning modules provide more in depth learning for managers.  Each one includes relevant HD video(s)   We offer discounts for over 10 learners and the modules can be uploaded to your LMS, or we can create your own portal LMS for only £500 +VAT.

We have even curated a range of compliance related e-learning from the CIEH so you have access to a one stop shop.

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Digital Resources

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“It’s not about doing new things, it’s about doing the same things differently.”

We all know that the use of video and social media has increased the number of ways managers learn. In our 7 Ways To Use Digital Resources we give ideas from our clients on how they incorporate digital resources in their L&D provision; from a phased launch to coaching 100 miles away.


“I like el:talking videos because they are visual; you can see two people in action tackling a difficult subject. This gives managers ideas. And they are short.  Everyone has got 5 minutes to spare.  If just one manager handles a difficult conversation well and avoids a grievance, or worse, these tools will have saved a lot of management time and employee grief.   It’s got to be worth it.”

HR Manager, Clare College, Cambridge

“The ‘just in time’ videos are a helpful resource for managers, to highlight examples of both good and bad practices, and how to avoid common pitfalls, whilst getting the best from your staff. Used alongside the helpful checklists, the short and concise videos are an invaluable resource for managers.’”

Alex Davies, Workplace Law

“These short videos are extremely helpful in delivering a clear message on how to and how not to tackle difficult conversations”

Sam Strauss, Suitcase TV

“The video showed me that it’s how you ask an open question to get the best from my staff.”

Abi Froggat, Trojan Cleaning Services

“easy to stream and down load for a quick memorable refresher before having those difficult conversations”

Hitech company, Cambridge

“We use these videos as part of our ILM programme, they are useful in putting over short messages that are then used as discussion points and the basis for role play, they are also accessible as part of our Management Library giving access any time to managers who would like a refresher themselves or are coaching and mentoring a more junior member of the team”

Allison Miller, Human Resources Manager, MM UK Ltd